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The Rain Station

The purpose of the experiment - demonstration of the possibility for local clouds creation only and not for generation a rain at this stage.

The Place of the experiment realization - was on the small island of Aryam, approximately in 30 kms western of Abu Dhabi.

The station for generation of local clouds (further referred to as "the station") was constructed during the period June 2007 to January 2008 and in its structure incorporated 12 fountains, 44 water sprays (on the basis of high pressure pumps), the ions generator, 8 water sprays for the ions generator, 12 bore holes, water network (incorporating special magnetic systems), electrical networks, and also a service road. The total area of the station being approximately 1 square kilometer. The demonstration station was purposely reduced in size to 10% of original station size for the reason of budget limitation. The specified structure of station essentially differed from that which was originally envisaged/required, which assumed: 24 fountains, 104 water sprays (on the basis of high pressure pumps), and 5 solar heaters of water (total productivity 1.5 cub m per hour with temperature 40-80 ºC). Besides, the original outline which as was requested the sites for the Ions generator should been covered with black asphalt.

On November 10, 2007 the ion generator began operating in a test mode. With the connection of this ion generator to an above ground electrical distribution network its regular work began. The actual starting date for the commencement of experiments is to be considered as December 15, 2007, when the fountains pumps were finally connected to the electrical network. The closing date of the experiment is April 1, 2008.