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Other Benefits for Animal Farming and Breeding

Poultry Farming

Based on a wide range of experimental materials, Omni Enviro states that magnetized water has special biological properties. Magnetized water has been shown to benefit the growth and development of some bone structure in chickens and other animals. Observations have shown, for example, that chicks drinking magnetically treated water had an increase in their bone formation process as well as improved blood morphology. Experiments with magnetized water used for chicks also showed a decrease by 2-3 times of death rates and an increase of mass (average weight gain increases by 5-7%), egg-laying qualities by 10%. Also the quality of meat improved..

Dairy Farming

Magnetically treated water can also help the sometimes difficult process of milking. It is not uncommon for a dairy animal’s udders to be rigid and therefore slow down the mechanic milking process. Using our method reduces the firmness of the udder and effectively makes it easier to milk. Dairy animals that drink magnetically treated water also show signs of enhanced disease resistance. Magnetically treated water will allow you to drastically decrease the amount of bacteria in milk and can also be used for hygienic cleaning of buildings where animals live. Finally, installment of special magnetic systems on the main line, that supplies milk after milking the cows, will increase storage time of milk in containers two fold.

Farm Animal Breeding

Magnetically treated water also can be beneficially used in animal breeding. Due to the special biological properties instilled during magnetization of the water, an accumulation of protein, not fat, builds in animals' bodies. For example, consumption of magnetic water for drinking purposes by pigs and calves, using our method, results in the formation of less fat deposits and in high quality of meat.
Overall, any animal breeder or farmer can use Omni Enviro’s magnetic systems and devices and see a wide array of productiveness such as:
  • Increase milk production by approx. 10%
  • Increase fat content of milk by 0,13 - 0,15% (standard fat content of milk is 3,2%)
  • Increase of average weight gain in calves by up to 35%
  • Increase of average weigh gain in piglets by up to 48%
  • Increase of average weight gain in lamb by up to 12%
  • Increase of average weight gain in rabbits up to 10%
  • Improve taste qualities of meat
  • Decrease disease and death rates by approx. 2 times
*Note that if complex principal is used in animal-breeding, i.e.; the provision of magnetic water for drinking purposes of cattle, preparation of food for animals using magnetic water and the use of magnetic water for the growth of green mass for feeding animals (look for agriculture), increase the mentioned above figures.
The choice of a magnetic system in animal-breeding depends on the diameter of the water pipe-line in your farm.
We offer you the following systems that can be used in your farm:
Magnetic device Output of a device
Quadro S - 1 (1") 10 m3/hr
Quadro S - 1,5 (1 1/2") 15 m3/hr
Quadro S - 2 (2") 18 m3/hr
Quadro S - 3 (3") 86 m3/hr
Quadro S - 4 (4") 96 m3/hr


Fish Breeding

Scientists from Omni Enviro, have proven that molecular structures of a cell, including proteins, depend on and form according to the water surroundings. Many existing facts prove that after magnetic treatment of normal water, many structural changes occur and that is one of the main reasons for magnetic water having special biological properties.
Experiments carried out on various membranes, artificial and biological, have shown strong influences of normal water on permeability of membranes. Membranes' permeability is crucial when it comes to cellular exchange in living organisms. This is the reason for Omni Enviro to develop a method and manufacture devices dealing with an increase of fish-breeding rates.
Together with the developed method, water, fish food and small fish should be magnetically treated. Magnetic treatment of water is favorable for fish. It results in an increase of oxygen content of water by up to 5 gram/liter. Also, the magnetic field destroys bacteria in water, resulting in a decrease of diseases in fish by more than 3 times. While treating fish food and small fish with a magnetic field, weight gain in fish increases by approx. 2.2 times, and taste properties of fish also improve.
The choice of a magnetic system should be done according to the size of reservoir. For example, your reservoir is 60 m3 (refer to the catalogue that describes the output of devices). Then, you will need a device of 1.5" for your reservoir, including that this device will be used for 1 hour daily (magnetic treatment of 1/10 of the whole volume of water in reservoir for fish-breeding, is enough to magnetize all the water).
Installation of magnetic systems in artificial reservoirs for fish-breeding.

As spray-fountains (fig. 1)

Bee Keeping

It is known that health of a bee family directly depends on collecting high-quality honey. However, worsening of the environment has led to increased numbers of diseases in bees, called Varoatosis (bee tick). At first this disease leads to a decrease of quality and collection of honey, and then to the death of a bee family.
Scientists of Omni Enviro have carried out a complex set of investigations and proved a direct interrelation between the effect of weak magnetic fields and health of bees. Based on these results, a special magnetic device called "Magnetic threshold" was developed and produced. Together with a "Magnetic threshold" device, a special magnetic device for magnetization of water for bees can be used to improve bee health and productivity.
You can use magnetic water for bees by:
  • Irrigating grass and various plants where bee families are located, using magnetic water. Irrigate as you usually would.
  • Allocating a small container of magnetic water next to bee houses.
  • While preparing nutritional syrup during winter, prepare it using only magnetic water.
  • Magnetize syrup before giving it to the bees.
Using magnetic water and "Magnetic threshold" device will allow you to improve:
  • Recovering of biological orientation of bees when looking for and information about places of collecting honey.
  • Normalization of bee's body ability to resist Varoatosis.
  • Increase in working output of bees and larger quantities of honey by up to 25%.
  • Significant increase in the quality of collected honey.
Usually, people whose hobby is to keep bees have 10-20 bee families and can use 3 types of devices:
  1. "Magnetic threshold" device-according to the number of bee houses
  2. Magnetic water transformer 0.5" for irrigation of surrounding area
  3. Magnetic funnel - for preparation of nutritional syrup and solutions
      As mentioned above, using magnetic technologies for honey production, will produce higher quality honey. But quality of honey will drastically increase and will acquire healing properties, if you will carry out magnetic treatment of the finished product, i.e.; honey. Even straight after magnetic treatment you will notice changes in taste, color, and smell of honey. This effect is achieved by pouring honey through a magnetic funnel.