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Saving Energy

Omni Enviro designs and manufactures non-chemical technologies (magnetic systems) for removal or prevention of scale and hardness control.

The basis of Omni Enviro's magnetic devices incorporates the phenomenon of magnetic hydrodynamical resonance (MHDR). Influence of a special magnetic field on a liquid (water, water solution, liquid hydrocarbon fuel) results in changing it's physical and chemical characteristics: viscosity, density, heat capacity, heat of evaporation, superficial tension, absorption and diluting ability, and conduction.
The application of magnetic systems in various units of the power industry such as boilers, heat power plants, electric power stations, etc. can be considered as a host of measures geared toward direct savings of power resources, miscellaneous operational costs, better ecological ambience as well as prevention of complicated engineering and operational problems.
These measures comprise the following:
  • Prevention of incrustations and removal of existing build-up at power plant units.
  • Changes in the heat capacity and reduction of water steam heat.
  • Changes in fuel properties with the subsequent alteration of the chemical process of burning, which give rise to changes in burning products.
The scientists and experts of Omni Enviro have upgraded the treatment of water and liquid fuel to a new qualitative technical world level. They have also come up with advanced magnetic and hydrodynamic systems to implement the above process. The scientific faculty of Omni Enviro has engineered solutions that make it possible to purposely introduce changes to major properties of liquids.