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Seed Germination

Seeds self-preservation energy differs at different stages of lifecycle development. During harvest, seeds contain different energy levels and not all planted seeds will grow. This is the reason for an increase of the sowing norm, and also the cause for excess costly seed material usage.

Omni Enviro has developed a new technology and a device that deals with magnetic treatment of seeds before sowing. This technology not only allows spending 30-50% less money on the sowing material, but also enables an earlier harvest ripening. Scientists of Omni Enviro have conducted experiments in different regions using this technology. Study results show that seeds which were treated using magnetic field, grow faster. Also the property of magnetic field to activate the process (created by a specific device made by Omni Enviro) speeds up protein formation, providing for the growth of roots and activating growth processes in weak seeds.

Experiments have shown the vital importance of choosing the right lunar phase while magnetizing seeds and to magnetize seeds affected by fungous diseases during the first half of the day. For example, it is better to magnetize wheat seeds during the new moon, cucumber during the last quarter of the lunar phase, tomato during full moon and carrot in the first quarter of the lunar phase.

This technology has been applied in Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Uzbekistan, UAE, Malaysia, Indonesia and Egypt, with a considerable decrease in the ripening time and an increase in the quality of vegetables, fruits and cereals and allowed for an increase of harvest by 12-36%, and in some cases up to 100% and more.

Omni Enviro offers a wide choice of devices for magnetization of seeds to our customers. These devices can be used as successfully at home for growing plants and flowers, as in small and large industries (i.e. storehouses, large agricultural companies, etc.). Please call us or email us for more info.
Magnetic Treatment of Seeds

Seeds are the resting system of organs of a future plant. The quality and virility of the plant will depend upon the quality of this system. Magnetic treatment of seeds improves seed quality, germination properties and growth..

Seeds prepared for magnetizing before sowing must be from one group with controlled seeds, identical by lineage, reproduction and conditions of storing. Seeds from different layers should be thoroughly mixed and humidity should not be more than 14%. Multiplicity of the treatment is not important.

The physiological method to define magnetized seeds' productivity is found by measuring the length of the embryonic root. Experiments have proven that plants with good embryonic root growth speed during transition from heterotrophic to autotrophic type of nourishment are more productive and create more developed root systems.

Important: The right choice of lunar phases is a necessary condition for seeds' magnetic treatment and in case seeds are damaged with fungi, magnetic treatment should be done during the first half of the day.

Crop Wheat Cucumbers Tomatoes Carrots
Moon phase New Moon Last quarter Full Moon First quarter

Magnetic treatment of seeds can be applied at both methods of sowing:

  • Sowing with soaked seed;
  • Sowing with unsoaked seeds.

Sowing With Soaked Seeds

Take magnetic funnel and a container to soak seeds in. Pour required amount of water through magnetic funnel into the container and pass the seeds through the magnetic funnel into the container with magnetic water. Leave the seeds in magnetized water for 30 minutes, then pour the water out of the container and pass the seeds through the magnetic funnel again. The seeds are now ready for sowing.


Sowing With Unsoaked Seeds

This method of magnetic treatment of seeds is used for sowing on large industrial areas (grain, wheat, rye, maize, barley, millet, buckwheat, etc.) when seeds' soaking is difficult due to large quantities. In this case, it is enough to pass seeds through a magnetic funnel as shown in the picture.

The results of both methods will be much better if, after magnetic treatment of seeds, magnetic water is used for irrigation.

Magnetic funnels for magnetization of seeds:


1. For those who love flowers and grow them at home Used for magnetization of flower seeds and for irrigation of flowers
2. For stations that grow seeds Used for magnetization of flower seeds, cereals and vegetable seeds
3. For seed storehouses and main stations that sell sowing seeds Used for magnetization of all types of sowing material