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Better/Faster ROI on Magnetic Water Treatment


QuantumBioTek gives you outstanding performance at a lower cost. The results are a better, faster return on your investment, not just in dollars, but also in time, crop quality and environmental conservation. When costs of land, seeds, fertilizers, and irrigations systems are your major costs, you cannot afford to not think about how to maximize the productivity of your water. Water is your lifeline, and we guarantee a minimum of 10 to 30% in water savings alone. The cascading effects are less energy use in your pumps, less fertilizers, more quality produce and faster yields, to mention a few benefits.
For more than 40 years, magnetic water treatment has been an integral part of the cost savings and conservation strategy for large companies and government organizations. It is a well known and widely researched fact that magnetically reorganizing water molecules aligns the molecules (changes it from a state of chaos to a state of order), thereby reducing surface tension and reducing viscosity, increasing permeability, and increasing productivity. Magnetically reorganized water has been proven to be 10-50% more productive in agricultural applications because it:
  • Improves permeability through soil, plant walls or water filters (makes water “wetter”)
  • Improves soluability of nutrients and fertilizers
  • Reduces scaling, salinity and viscosity
  • Improves pump pressure and water flow
  • Increases crop yields, quality, shelf life and taste
  • Saves 10% - 50% on water use, electricity, fertilizer and equipment maintenance costs
QuantumBioTek’s superior design delivers all of the benefits of magnetic water treatment at significantly lower costs, which means a better, faster return on your investment . . . and we guarantee it, or your money back.